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About Happy Day Child Care Center Preschool

The mission of Happy Day Child Care is to provide a caring and nurturing environment where children can learn and develop through developmentally appropriate activities. We are committed to provide safe, healthy care for children while their parents work, train, go to school or wish to provide a social and educational experience for their children.

“We believe that each child is an individual with his own unique temperament, needs, interests, and abilities.”

“We aspire to make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve.”

“We are committed to provide safe, healthy care for children while their parents work, train, go to school or wish to provide a social and educational experience for their children.”

“We strive to nurture each child's unique qualities & potential while providing a safe, nurturing, educational experience for each child and develop strong partnerships with each family we serve.”

Child Care Services

Happy Day Child Care Center Preschool is open Monday - Friday, during public school vacations and for summer time care.
We are open at 6:45am for drop off and have our last pick up time at 5:30pm to accommodate busy parents.

No infants or toddlers at this time


Happy Day accepts private payments, contracts/subsidized, and vouchers.

2 Days - $150.00
3 Days - $190.00
4 Days - $220.00
5 Days - $250.00

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All parents who are considering Happy Day Child Care Center Preschool are asked to visit the center and to bring their child to a get-acquainted session to help them decide if Happy Day meets their needs and to ease the transition into care. This gives parents ample time to ask any questions they might have. Regulations are discussed with parents, and the Department of Early Education and Care is identified as the licensing agent. Parents are given copies of all appropriate forms.

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Our History

Offering Child Care in Worcester for 60 Years

The Happy Day Child Care Center Preschool was founded in 1955 by Ethel M. Smith. As a parent of a young child, she found herself having to rely on day care in order to work. It was in that day care setting that her child sustained a life threatening injury that required emergency surgery. While waiting for her four year old daughter to come out of surgery, Mrs. Smith began visualizing a preschool where parents "would not have to worry". A preschool program that provided a safe environment for child, along with a staff threat was alert to the activities around them. It also meant that parents would be informed if their child was injured or complained of being ill.

With this vision in mind Mrs. Smith, best remembered as Essie, and her mother Mrs. Theodosia White (grandma) formed what became known as the Happy Day Child Care Center Preschool. The original preschool began on Fernwood Rd. Worcester, MA. On opening day a total of five children were in attendance. It wasn't long before Mrs. Smith realized that children were capable of learning a great deal more than parents or day care staff gave them credit for. It was then that a curriculum was added to the program. This was unheard of in the fifties.

A Safe Place to Play and Learn

Day Care at that time was considered just play schools with adult interaction, where children went while parents worked. At Happy Day, children not only played and socialized but also learned to recognize numbers, letters, colors, and phonics. Many public school teachers commented that they could identify children who attended Happy Day Child Care because of their advancement.

As the reputation of the preschool grew so did the enrollment. It soon became necessary to turn children away as there simply was not enough room.

At one point during the fifties, Essie, then the teacher, program coordinator, driver, social worker, etc. became ill and had to be hospitalized. It was the parents who volunteered their time and were responsible for the preschool continuing without interruption.

We’ve Learned to Change with the Times

In the sixties the state became involved in the operation of the existing child care centers and formed the Department of Early Education and Care. Because many centers could not afford to make the necessary changes required to meet the new codes they ended up going out of business. Happy Day was able to survive because Mrs. Smith's brother, Wilmore White, a construction worker, along with his friends, was able to bring the preschool up to code at a minimum cost.

In 1980 another building was purchased on Massasoit Road, Worcester, MA. A previous country store, known as Belsito's Market, became the perfect setting for a preschool. Right on the bus route, at a convenient location, with a large play yard attached to it. This became known as Happy Day Child Care Center Preschool II.

In 1985 Mrs. Smith passed away and her daughter Sandra J. Smith took over as Director. Eventually the two schools were combined into one with a capacity for thirty-nine children.

Happy Day Child Care Center Inc. continues to serve children in Worcester and surrounding areas.

To this day on the back wall you can find pictures of children dating back to the early years. Many of these now adults have sent their children to the preschool and they all still share warm memories of Essie, Grandma and Happy Day.

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